Axiomatic Language

A minimal pure-specification logic programming language
with meta-language capability.

Axiomatic Language Theme Song

    Walter W. Wilson
    wwwilson at acm dot org

papers & links on axiomatic language:

Video! Presentation at the Emerging Languages Camp 2013 at Strange Loop
    slides, Calculator Program, procedural language definition, utilities

A Tiny Specification Metalangage, SEKE 2012, slides.

Extended Axiomatic Language – using the complement of a valid expression set for specification

Screencast submission to the Future Programming Workshop at SPLASH 2014.

Submissions to DARPA Grand Challenges of the 21st Century:
    Automatic Programming Using Axiomatic Language
    An Engineering Design Language

ICLP 2011 Doctoral Consortium submission: Implementation of Axiomatic Language (slides).

Specifying Input/Output by Enumeration, PLDI 2010 FIT: Fun Ideas and Thoughts (blog).

A Long-Term Logic Programming Language, ALP Newsletter, May 2004.

A Minimal Specification Language, LOPSTR 2000 Pre-Proceedings (slides).

Beyond PROLOG: Software Specification by Grammar, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982, pp.34-43.
(ACM link)

A Language for Engineering Design, 2007 NASA-ESA Workshop on Product Data Exchange.

some example programs