Axiomatic Language

A minimal pure-specification logic programming language
with meta-language capability.

Axiomatic Language Theme Song!

    Walter W. Wilson
    wwwilson at acm dot org

papers & links on axiomatic language:

Screencast submission to the Future Programming Workshop at SPLASH 2014.

Presentation at the Emerging Languages Camp 2013 at Strange Loop
    slides, Calculator Program, Extended Axiomatic Language, procedural language definition, utilities

Submissions to DARPA Grand Challenges of the 21st Century:
    Automatic Programming Using Axiomatic Language
    An Engineering Design Language

A Tiny Specification Metalangage, SEKE 2012, slides.

ICLP 2011 Doctoral Consortium submission: "Implementation of Axiomatic Language" (report, slides).

Specifying Input/Output by Enumeration, PLDI 2010 FIT: Fun Ideas and Thoughts (blog).

A Long-Term Logic Programming Language, ALP Newsletter, May 2004.

A Minimal Specification Language, LOPSTR 2000 Pre-Proceedings.

Beyond PROLOG: Software Specification by Grammar, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982, pp.34-43.
(ACM link)

A Language for Engineering Design, 2007 NASA-ESA Workshop on Product Data Exchange.

some example programs