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Problem Getting Refund from Fort Worth Nissan


On August 5, 2021 my wife and I bought a Kicks from Fort Worth Nissan. I also bought an extended warranty ($4166) and a 6-year "Security+Plus" maintenance warranty ($1100), even though I was violating my personal policy of never getting a car warranty. (The maintenance warranty basically has one paying in advance for 12 high-priced dealership oil changes.) I regretted my decision and called two days later to cancel them. The cancellation paperwork was signed and we were told that we would get a full refund. It took a while but we finally got the $4166 extended warranty refund. (We thank Nissan for that.)

However, despite repeated contacts and missed predicted deadlines, we never got the $1100 maintenance warranty refund. Then in January we were informed that somehow the cancellation request never got processed and that we would have to come in and sign cancellation paperwork again.

It so happens that my wife took the car to Fort Worth Nissan in December for its first oil change. She was surprised to find the oil change was free. We assumed it was some complementary benefit for a new car purchase. It turns out, however, that since the maintenance warranty had not been cancelled, it was used to pay for the oil change. The result was that cancelling the maintenance warranty in January meant that the oil change was deducted from the $1100 along with a $50 "cancellation charge", leaving a refund of $962. The paperwork for this new cancellation refund was signed January 21, 2022 and it stated that we should allow 30 days for processing.

Despite continued contacts with the dealership, we are still waiting for our refund.

Walter W. Wilson
March 13, 2022

Update - March 19, 2022

We have received the $962 cancellation refund check from Fort Worth Nissan. We appreciate very much the help of NBC5 Responds in resolving this matter.

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